Saturday, 31 December 2011

Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year!!!

Wishing everyone a happy, happy new year. 2011 was by far the best year I (Ananya) have been through and I really hope your year was great too. It isn't exactly 2012 yet (it's 10:30 pm) to be exact, but happy new year in advance. Again, wishing you a happy, happy new year and I hope for 2012 to be even better.
Lots of love from, 
Ananya and Mehek

Daily Photos (Ananya)

          So, yeah. The iMac. We have had this for four years, and I think almost five years now. And about 25% of the time that we had it, we didn't have any internet connection. I didn't know what picture to take, so I just took a picture of what I blog on. So here is your daily photo. Yay.

Ananya's Nails Of The Week: Chanel Graphite Nailpolish

                                          Chanel Nailpolish in 529 Graphite
                                         Chanel Nailpolish in 529 Graphite

          So here are my nail's of the day for new years eve and new years. This shade is definitely worth the splurge because it is a very unique colour. I absolutely love this because of its pretty yet manageable glitter. Its a gorgeous cool gunmetal shade which is very, very beautiful. I have exactly two coats on my nails seen in the picture above. With one coat it looks way too sheer but with two it has the perfect opacity on the nails.

Thursday, 29 December 2011

The This Or That Beauty Tag!!!

So, I promised you guys on twitter day before yesterday that I would do a beauty tag blog post yesterday. But my Internet ended up crashing yesterday, and I had to write a short blog post on how I was unable to do so. I ended up posting that blog from my friends iPod touch. *Sigh* Anyway, I do I have the internet on now, so I decided that I'll do it today. So let's start already. Oh and before I start, let me just explain what the beauty tag is all about. So first of all there are many parts in this tag (for example, there is fashion, makeup, nails,etc. But I'm only doing makeup) and you basically have to choose between, well, this or that. So, now let's start.
1) Blush or Bronzer? : Blush, blush, blush, blush......!!!!!! I absolutely love blush. If there is one makeup product that I could live with, its blush.

2) Lipgloss or Lipstick? : This was a difficult one. But I think I have to say lipstick. You can get shiny and matte looks with lipstick and (usually) only shiny looks with gloss. That is why its called lipGLOSS.

3) Eyeliner or Mascara? : I hardly use mascara, because my lashes are naturally long and thick, but they are just really straight and points downwards, so that is why I only curl my lashes for day to day, and wear mascara only when I go out for the night. And my specks block my lashes and the mascara ends up on my glasses. But I wear eyeliner almost everyday on my waterline and lashline.

4) Foundation or Concealer? : Definitely only concealer. I don't like wearing concealer because foundation, however light they are, usually end up feeling weird on my skin. And besides, I do wear concealer almost everyday.

5) Neutral or Colour Eyeshadow? : This was a little hard, but at the end of the day, however boring you think I am, I have to say neutral, only because I wear neutral eyeshadows almost everyday, and because I'm too young to wear colour eyeshadow everyday.

6) Pressed or Loose Eyeshadow? : Pressed any day. Loose eyeshadows are way too difficult for me to work with. And besides, I only own one loose eyeshadow.

7) Brushes or Sponges? : This wasn't difficult at all. Its definitely brushes. I do like sponges some times, but brushes make your look so much better and they are much easier to work with.

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

No Blog Post Today!!!

Hey guys, really sorry... No beauty tag blog post as promised on our twitter account today. Be sure to check out the blog tomorrow for a brand new tag blog post. Again, really sorry!

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Daily Photos (Ananya)

So Mehek did a post for her Daily Photos. So I decided to do mine too. I carry around the Sony Ericsson XPERIA Mini Pro. I absolutely adore its size, its sooo small!!! Its super convenient because of the keyboard as well!

Monthly Favourites: December

                                           BH Cosmetics 88 Colour Shimmer Eyeshadow Palette
                                                  Chanel Nailpolish in Graphite and Pèridot
                                                      MAC Studio Finish Concealer SPF 35
                                                               MAC Blush in Gingerly
                              MAC MAC Me Over! eyeshadows in (up to down) Outré and Moleskin
                                                    MAC Cream Colour Base in Pearl
                                                         Urban Decay Naked Palette

          So here are my favorites for the month of December. Here's WHY I like them:
1) BH Cosmetics 88 Colour Shimmer Eyeshadow Palette: I have given an entire review of this palette. The palette is just super versatile. It has all sorts of shades and is anything but generic. I mostly use this palette if I'm doing makeup on my friends so that I have an entire array of shades, depending on what they like. Find out more about why i like this palette here:

2) Chanel Nailpolishes in Graphite and Pèridot: These nail polishes came out in a collection in either November or October of 2011 and it came out in a separate nail polish collection for Metallic shades (Sorry, don't know what the collections name is!). These shades are super beautiful and I have been wearing only these two shades on my nails all month. They are definitely worth the splurge.

3) MAC Studio Finish Concealer SPF 35 in NC42: I have just recently started wearing this concealer to cover the veins on my face due to my translucent skin. The texture is creamy, but not so creamy to the extent wear it starts wearing of my face. It has a very good coverage and it is the only thing I use on my face for covering up small flaws.

4) MAC Blush in Gingerly: It is really, super gorgeous on the skin. So gorgeous that you just can't take your hands off it. I have been using it everyday ever since I got it. Its just a really pretty warm, well, gingery blush that is really neutral for day to day wear.

5) MAC MAC Me Over! eyeshadows in Outré and Moleskin: This is MAC's latest collection (at least in India) and it is HUGE. It is a 51 piece collection that ranges from really neutral shadows to bright berry lipsticks. It has three different sections in the collection. I really like the two eyeshadows I picked up for the crease. It really helps blend all the eyeshadows on your eye out without making it look too muddy. Moleskin is just a regular neutral brown but Outré is a really unique, one-of-a-kind, mustard brown shade.

6) MAC Cream Colour Base in Pearl: I absolutely LOVE this product. I love how it doesn't have any shimmer particles, but it is still has that pearly sheen to it. Perfect for highlighting any point of your face including your eyes.

7) Urban Decay Naked Palette: I have been using this palette a lot this month. There is no reason not to like it since it only has a range of beautiful neutral shades. It contains almost all neutral shades you can imagine, from a pale beige to a dark shimmery black. You can check out the review here:

Monday, 26 December 2011

Ananya's FOTD: 26th December 2011

Firstly, sorry about the camera quality. I ended taking the pictures for this FOTD on my iMac because my camera battery was over. But I hope you guys kinda get the idea!

Eyes: MAC Rubenesque Paint Pot to prime the eyes, Toasted on the lid, Buck on the crease, Darkhorse on the lower lash line, Virgin on the brow bone and inner corner to highlight (All shades taken from Urban Decay Naked Palette), Clarins Extreme Black eye pencil on the waterline.

Face: MAC Cream Colour Base in Pearl to highlight cheekbones, YSL Blush in 15.

Lips: Nothing on the lips except for The Body Shop Cocoa Butter Lip Care Stick lip balm.

Mehek's FOTD: 26th December 2011

Eyes: Eyeshadows from BH Cosmetics Palette, MAC Smolder Eyeliner on the lashlines and waterline, Estee Lauder Sumptuous Mascara

Face: MAC Pinch Me blush, MAC Cream Colour Base in Pearl

Lips: MAC Innocence Beware! Lipstick from Venomous Villains Collection, Revlon Colourburst lipgloss in Sunset Peach

Makeup done by Ananya on Mehek! 

Saturday, 24 December 2011

Daily Photos (Ananya)

                     My makeup brushes, everyday makeup, nailpolishes and perfumes belongs here
                                                   My entire makeup collection

          I didn't exactly know what I wanted to post in my daily photos today. So I just decided to take pictures of my makeup collection. Most of my makeup belongs in one big drawer and the perfumes, everyday makeup, brushes, nailpolishes and my BH Cosmetics 88 palette belongs in another small part of my cupboard.

The Naughty or Nice Beauty Tag for Christmas!

          So its going to be Christmas in, like, five hours and I really wanted to post something Christmas related to post up on the blog. Hence, I decided to do the naughty or nice tag, which sounded super Christmas-y to me. So in this tag, you basically have to choose five of your worst makeup items (or "naughty" items) and five of your best makeup items (or "nice" items). So, here they are:
The Naughty List:
1)Body Shop Nature's Minerals Loose Powder Foundation SPF 25: OMG! I hate this SOOO much. The lady at the store told me that not only does this give good coverage, but it also leaves an SPF behind. So I tried by itself and the first thing that I noticed was it wasn't fine particles like a good powder product, it was all clumpy and gross. It doesn't give any coverage at all and it leaves my skin looking powdery and dry. The mouth of the container of the packaging is so small, that whichever brush I dip into gets a tonne of product clumped on the top of it. Overall, a very naughty product.

2)YSL Mascara Volume: Luckily, I received this product as a sample and didn't buy it. This mascara has a decent wand, but doesn't work on the lashes whatsoever. It has a desert dry formula which doesn't affect the lashes in any way. Basically, the lashes end up being exactly the same as they were before any mascara at all.
3)NYC Waterproof Eyeliner Pencil in Black: When I bought this product, I expected to be much, much better than it is. The liner doesn't show up black at all and it is very difficult to apply on the waterline because of its lack in that semi-creamy texture. I expected it to at least stay on my water line for three hours, and it stayed on for about half an hour.
4)MAC Viva Glam Gaga 2 Lip Products: So I know that there are two products in this part, but I had to mention both (yeah, I just totally cheated). The pigmentation of these products are amazing, but the colour just does not work for me. The colour is just not right, and makes my lips look totally dead. Its a nude shade, but doesn't have any pink to it to make it more wearable, which sucks. The lipgloss, like most MAC lipglosses, is super sticky and feels uncomfortable. If I really had to use it, I would probably use it as a lip eraser or concealer or something.
5)MAC Palace Pedigreed Eyeshadow from Palace Pedigreed Eyeshadow Palette: This eyeshadow came out in the Palace Pedigreed eyeshadow quad in the Fabulous Felines collection that came out in 2010. All the eyeshadow in that palette pretty much sucked, but Palace Pedigreed eyeshadow in that quad was definitely the worst. It lacks pigmentation, texture and pretty much anything that a basic eyeshadow has.

The Nice List:
1)Urban Decay Naked Palette: Already mentioned in my review of this palette-best palette ever. Check out the review to see why I like it so much. Don't wanna get into details right now.
2)Nars Orgasm Blush: One of my favourite blushes in my collection. Again, check out the review I have written about this blush to see why I like it so much.
3)MAC Gingerly Blush: Super pretty, everyday, neutral, light, warm, ginger colour. I wear this almost every single day (I'm wearing it today) and I love how it shows up on the cheeks. It is a sheertone finish, so it doesn't pack on a lot of colour on the cheeks to make you look creepy. Suits pretty much every single skin tone there is.
4)MAC Woodwinked Eyeshadow: Amazingly gorgeous, pigmented eyeshadow. It has a kind of vintage gold colour which again is very suitable for everyday wear. Again, I am wearing it today and I absolutely love it to death. You should definitely have it in your collection
5)Loreal Nutri-Shine Lipstick in Rose Guava: A very pretty everyday shade that has a kind of a dusty pink colour to it with slight pieces of multi-coloured shimmer. It is a very shiny and moisturizing shade as well and Mehek absolutely loves it. BTW don't be afraid when I use the term "multi-coloured shimmer" because that shimmer hardly shows on the lips. The ones that do show just gives your everyday lips a little bit of fun.

So that is the blog for now. And before I leave, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!! :)

Mehek's Outfit Of The Day: 24th December 2011

          OMG!!! Who thought that while talking to my BFF (Ananya), such a awesome picture would come up. A perfect match and so easy to carry off. Its just a simple jacket from Zara, a plain white tee and of course the great jeans from United Colors of Benetton.According to me this is an casual yet cute combination of clothes.
           If you'd like to mimic this outfit then just remember to put on a smile :) :) :)

Ananya's Outfit Of The Day: 24th December 2011

          Soooooo, I know, you guys must be thinking, "How boring! Just a t-shirt and jeans!". But c'mon, who doesn't love being comfy? So I'm wearing an Ed Hardy t-shirt which I have been OBSESSED with lately. It looks super pretty and the rhinestones on the skull takes this simple everyday look to a whole new level! There's a whole lot of fun stuff going on this tee and it's purple which is my favourite colour! For the jeans, its just a simple pair from Levi's. Its super comfy, but I'm starting to outgrow them a little. So, I hope you like it!!!

Ananya's Face Of The Day: 24th December 2011

Eyes: MAC Woodwinked eyeshadow on the lid, MAC Quarry eyeshadow on the crease, MAC Ricepaper eyeshadow on the browbone and inner corner, Clarins Kohl eyeliner in extreme black on the waterline.

Face: MAC Gingerly blush, MAC Cream Colour Base in Pearl.

Lips: Revlon Colourburst lipgloss in Sunset Peach.

BTW, you can't actually see any makeup on my face at all because of the natural sunlight. But I hope you kinda get the idea!!!

Friday, 23 December 2011

Ananya's Review: Nars Orgasm Blush

                                           Nars Orgasm Blush
                                           Nars Orgasm Blush
                                           Nars Orgasm Blush
                                            Nars Orgasm Blush
                                           Nars Orgasm Blush Swatch

          SOOOOOO you must be wondering, "Why the heck does a young innocent Indian teen own a blush with such a name?". Well, because its super pretty! So I believe this blush is the most sold blush in the world. You must be wondering why. Well, it is because it suits every single skin tone there is. It suits cooler skin tones because of the cool bright blue based pink, that's pretty obvious. But it also suits warmer complexions because of the fine gold shimmers it has. The colour seems super generic, but personally, I haven't seen any blush that has a colour exactly like it. Another reason to why it's so damn popular is because it can be worn differently on the cheeks to get a different effect every time! Use it as a light dusting on the apples of the cheeks, and you have a beautiful healthy looking glow. Use it with a heavier hand to get a more dramatic night time look. Another reason to why I like it so much is because it isn't very pigmented (you probably noticed that on the swatch seen above). Blushes aren't supposed to be too pigmented, because if they are, then you can end up with clown cheeks. So I'm really happy about the fact that NARS doesn't like keeping their blushes too pigmented.
          PRICE: $27
          AVAILABLE AT:,
          OVERALL GRADE: A

Ananya's Review: Urban Decay Naked Palette

                                            UD Naked Palette
                                  From left to right: Virgin, Sin, Naked, Sidecar, Buck, Half Baked
                                  From left to right: Smog, Toasted, Hustle, Creep, Gunmetal
                                            UD Good Karma Brush
  UD Naked Palette                         
                        Swatches from left to right: Virgin, Sin, Naked, Sidecar, Buck, Half Baked,
                                                 Smog, Darkhorse, Toasted, Hustle, Creep, Gunmetal

          OMG!!! Best Palette Ever!!! The UD Naked Palette is gorgeous and definitely worth the splurge. Pigmentation-Awesome, Versatility-Awesome, Packaging-Awesome. OOOHHH, Speaking of the packaging, its a beautiful cardboard made case, which BTW has an amazing quality, with a soft brown velvet cover and the words 'Naked Urban Decay' printed in a gorgeous gold. The palette is sleek and THE palette for the perfect gift and for travel.
          So here are the description of all the colours:
1) Virgin: Pale peach beige with a satin finish.
2)Sin: Pale peachy pink with a frost finish.
3)Naked: Super creamy tan-nude with a matte finish (Yay for matte finish!).
4)Sidecar: Pale taupe with a glittery frost finish.
5)Buck: Straight-up brown with a matte finish (Double Yay!).
6)Half Baked: True gold with a frost finish.
7)Smog: Antique gold with a frost finish.
8)Darkhorse: Bronze with gold shimmer. Has a frost finish.
9)Toasted: Pale dusty-rose with a frost finish
10)Hustle: Deep burgundy with a satin finish which leans a little to a frost finish.
11)Creep: Black with silver shimmer. Has a frost finish. The shade is pigmented but one of the least pigmented in the palette.
12)Gunmetal: Cool blue silver with a frost finish.
          If you have the descriptions that I have given for each colour, you probably noticed that most shades were frosty. However, the two matte finished eyeshadows help a great deal with toning down the shimmer, so you have no worries about over-doing the shimmer at all. Oh and one last thing, I am aware about the Naked2 Palette, but I can't get since I don not live in USA and most importantly don't want to get it because of the amount of neutral eyeshadows I already own.
          PRICE: $48
          AVAILABLE AT:,
          OVERALL GRADE: A+

Ananya's Review: BH Cosmetics 88 Standard Shimmer Palette

                                             BH Cosmetics 88 Standard Shimmer Palette
                                            BH Cosmetics 88 Standard Shimmer Palette
                                            BH Cosmetics 88 Standard Shimmer Palette
                                             A few swatches from the palette

          The BH Cosmetics 88 Standard Shimmer Eyeshadow palette is THE most versatile palette that I(Ananya) own. It comes with 88 different eyeshadows that range from light pale pinks, golds and beiges to brighter corals, yellows, greens and purples. The palette is super portable and it is very easy to travel around with due to its size and weight. The palette looks quite classy with its shiny black case with the name on the palette printed in white. By the swatches seen above, the quality of the eyeshadows looks pretty awesome. The shades are decently pigmented and considering that they got about 90% of the eyeshadows to have such amazing quality, I am impressed.
          If you are on the search for a good palette to gift your friend or family member who happens to love makeup, this is the perfect palette. It makes it an even better present for the price. What I love most about this palette is that even though the palette looks like it only has colourful and brighter eyeshadows, if you look carefully, it has some beautiful neutral eyeshadows as well.
          PRICE: $11.97 (there is an awesome 40% off sale goin' on!!!) ORIGINAL PRICE: $19.95
          AVAILABLE AT: (they ship worldwide!!!)
          OVERALL GRADE: A