Friday, 23 March 2012

Ananya's Review: The Body Shop Banana shampoo and Conditioner

          So.... I know I have been absent for a LOOOONNNGGG time from the blog, but I have been really busy stepping into ninth grade and all. But I did mention in the 'What's in Ananya's Shower?' blog that I would give you a review of this shampoo and conditioner. So, I hope you enjoy this blogpost and thanks for reading!

  1. The Body Shop Banana Shampoo: I absolutely love the way this shampoo works on my hair. Literally, everyone in the world deserves to try this shampoo. Luckily, It suits all hair types. The shampoo hydrates your hair, but also leaves a really clean scalp behind. The hair is ultra soft and bouncy after you dry your hair. If you have the time, I really recommend letting your hair air-dry instead of blow-drying your hair after using this shampoo. The hair is also gorgeously shiny and silky after ONE use of this shampoo. I have frizzy hair, and I really do think that it tames my hair down a lot. I find that my hair looks a lot better the next day after using this shampoo (or really, any shampoo for that matter). The ONLY con in this shampoo is that it smells a lot like medicine. But luckily, none of that scent is deposited into your hair. 
  2. The Body Shop Banana Conditioner: I have to say, the conditioner and the shampoo really compliment each other. I wouldn't imagine using either of this products with any other shampoo or conditioner. I use these two products together on my hair all the time. The conditioner is great, just like the shampoo. It's definitely not the thickest conditioner. Actually, its almost a little thicker than actual banana puree would be. I really like this conditioner, but unfortunately, it has that same medicine-y scent like the shampoo has (which, like the shampoo, doesn't get on to your hair). It is very hydrating even though it is a thinner conditioner. It really does make your hair really, really, really smooth and soft and I absolutely adore it. 
          Overall, I really do recommend this shampoo-conditioner duo to EVERYBODY out there with ANY hair type. I have heard some rumors (don't know if its true) about the fact that The Body Shop is actually going to DISCONTINUE this shampoo, so you may want to get your hands on it as fast as possible if you want to try it. But I just checked the USA, UK and Indian Body Shop websites and they are still there.

          OVERALL GRADE: A
          AVAILABLE AT: Any Body Shop Store (I believe for only a limited time, not sure yet)
          PRICE: Both shampoo and conditioner are Rs. 515 or $8

    Monday, 5 March 2012

    NOTW: Chanel Péridot Nailpolish

              I absolutely am in love with this nail polish. Not only me, but my mom too. It's a gorgeous olive-gold shade which has a blue-turquiose duo-chrome that looks absolutely lovely!

    Eye Makeup Tutorial For Glasses!

              Today, I will be posting my very first makeup tutorial on the blog! I'm really excited for this post. It is really simple to do, and I have tried to use eyeshadows that are more generic and easy to find for this eye makeup tutorial. I do wear glasses, and this inspired me to do my own makeup tutorial for glasses on the blog. 
              That (below) is the before and after, just incase you wanted to know. Thanks for reading and I hope this helps!

    Tuesday, 28 February 2012

    What's in Ananya's Shower?

              Wanna know what I keep in my shower? Well let's find out!!!

    Sephora Wishlist!!!

              In a few months time, some really close relatives are going to be traveling from U.S.A. to spend their summers in India. Obviously, I have to take advantage and have made a long wish list with all the makeup products I really want. Here are some of the products I really want from Sephora:

    • Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette: I have already tried the Urban Decay Naked Palette Original and I absolutely love everything about it. I have heard great reviews about this product and I really think the colours are absolutely beautiful. It also seems to have a lot of taupe eyeshadows which is one of my absolute favourite makeup colours.

    • Tarte Amazonian Clay Blushes in Glisten and Exposed: These blushes are constantly being mentioned on various beauty videos and blogs and the reviews are NEVER bad. Tarte is doing great with they're "Amazonian Clay" line which not only include blushes, but also foundation, eye products, etc. I already own one of these Tarte Amazonian Clay blushes in Blissful which is one of my favorite blushes ever. Glisten is kind of a softer, more wearable version of Blissful with a gorgeous sheen to it and Exposed is a gorgeous, matte, neutral brown-pink

    Monday, 20 February 2012

    Nails Of The Week: OPI And This Little Piggy (Its My Birthday!!!)

              Its my (Ananya's) birthday today!!! I have officially stepped into the second year of my teens, and I really am excited for me to be an official ninth grader. Anyway, since its my birthday today, I decided to wear something a little bit more fun today. So, I have OPI's 'And This Little Piggy' (3 coats) on my nails! Its a gorgeous pink with multi-coloured shimmer. Thanks for reading and I hope you're having a great day!

    Sunday, 19 February 2012

    Would You Rather: Beauty Tag

              I have known about this tag for so long and I really thought that it was a good day to post a beauty tag! Thanks for reading!

    1)Would you rather lose all of your mascaras, eyeliners, lipsticks and lipglosses or lose all of your palettes and eyeshadows?
    ans: Definitely lose all my palettes and eyeshadows. After all, you can always use an eyeliner as an eyeshadow!

    2)Would you rather chop of all your hair or never be able to cut it again?
    ans: Never be able to cut it again. As long as my hair is clean, its good.

    3)Would you rather have a coral cheek or a pink cheek?
    ans: CORAL!!!!!! Even though pink is more versatile, coral is one of my favourite makeup colours.

    4)If you had $1000 to spend, would you rather buy clothes or makeup?
    ans: I would probably pay $750 for makeup and $250 for clothes. But since I have to choose only one, obviously, I would spend it on makeup.

    5)Would you rather use lipstick as eyeliner, or eyeliner as lipstick?
    ans: Eyeliner as lipstick. Remember, there are nude and brown (and sometimes even mauve and pink) eyeliners available in stores, just use them as lipstick!

    6)Would you rather only shop at MAC or Sephora?
    ans: Sephora. I have a lot of MAC items already. And sephora has so many more brands to choose from.

    7)Would you rather use only one eyeshadow colour or one lip colour for the rest of your life?
    ans: Probably one lip colour for the rest of my life. I need at least two eyshadows to get a good eye look (a matte crease colour and a lid colour). And besides, one nice pink lip colour would almost go with every look I would create.

    8)Would you rather wear winter clothes in summer or summer clothes in winter?
    ans: Summer clothes in winter. Only because where I live in Mumbai where its hot all year round, and I do where summer clothes in winter a lot anyway.

    9)Would you rather have dark nails or bright nails all year round?
    ans: Bright nails. Its so much more fun. And anyway, I can't live without seeing something brightly colored everyday.

    10)Would you rather give up your favourite lip product or favourite eye product?
    ans: Give up my favourite lip product. Its easier for me to find a dupe of lip colour than an eye colour.

    11)Would you rather be able to wear your hair in a ponytail, or a messy bun?
    ans: A ponytail. Mainly for school, and to keep the hair out of my face.

    12)Would you rather never be able to paint your nails again or never be able to where lipgloss?
    ans: Never be able to wear lipgloss. i can wear shiny lipstick instead. But nailpolish is the one and only thing you can put on your nails to get some colour, apart from press-on nails which I probably will never wear in my entire life.

    13)Would you rather shave your eyebrows and have none at all or sharpie them everyday?
    ans: Probably sharpie them in everyday. But only if sharpies are available in a soft black shade.

    14)Would you rather live without makeup or nailpolish?
    ans: Definitely live without nailpolish. I probably love makeup about 3 and a half times better than nailpolish.

    Thursday, 16 February 2012

    Daily Photos (Ananya)

              I wanted to post this picture because its kinda a reason to why I won't be posting as much. You see, our (Mehek and Ananya) written exams have started and I have been studying lately (duh!). We won't be posting too much and we're really sorry. Although, we will be posting again after a week (by then our exams will be over). Thanks for reading!

    What's in Ananya's Makeup Bag?

              Today, I'm gonna be talking about the various beauty products that I keep in my makeup bag. Just incase you wanted to know, this is the makeup bag I carry around with me in my bag (or purse) and this is not the makeup bag I carry while I'm traveling. I got this bag in a duty free shopping place thingy, where I found five Estee Lauder mini perfumes which came with a beautiful shiny black bag, with a gorgeous golden zipper that has 'Estee Lauder' engraved on it. 

               I also really like the bag because it has a harder material on the bottom of the bag, as shown below, to make sure that it stands up and doesn't fall down and spread your products all over the place, unlike what some makeup bags do.

    Thursday, 9 February 2012

    Ananya's Hair Routine

              Sooooooooo, I really wanted to write this blog today because I have been ABSOLUTELY LOVING my hair routine lately. I used to use only shampoo and a leave in conditioner after I dried my hair.  I didn't really get why people had so many products in their hair routines. But then I realized that just shampoo was making my hair too dry and even frizzier than it was and the leave in conditioner helped a little, but I hardly saw any actual results. I started using more products for my hair which were actually meant for my hair type and now I get why people use more than two products in their hair routine. 
              Just incase you wanted to know, I have dry, frizzy hair and if I don't wash it again within four days my hair becomes SUPER greasy. I have naturally thick hair and have medium length hair (not too short, not too long).

    Sunday, 5 February 2012

    Ananya's FOTD: 5th January 2012

              Just a note, I have used all of the products from my MAC Glitter and Ice Collection to do this look today.

    Eyes: MAC Glitter and Ice Collection Paint Pot in Let's Skate all over the lid and blended out a little bit onto the brow bone, MAC Glitter and Ice Collection Paint Pot in Morning Frost on the outer corner of the lid which was then blended out into the inner half of the lid, MAC Glitter and Ice Collection Mineralize Eyeshadow in Snow Season all over the lid and inner corner, MAC MAC Me Over! Collection eyeshadow in Outre on the crease to blend, Clarins Extreme Black Kohl eyeliner on the lower waterline and winged out, Estee Lauder Sumptuous Mascara on the lower lashes.

    Face: MAC Blush in Gingerly 

    Lips: MAC Glitter and Ice Collection Dazzleglass in Spanking Rich.

    Haul: MAC Glitter and Ice Collection

              So the newest collection released in MAC Stores in India is the holiday collection called Glitter and Ice (which came out in American MAC Stores 2 to 3 months ago!). Its a pretty big collection, and like all holiday collections, it has the eyeshadow sets, lipgloss sets and whatnot. I ended up buying four products which I decided to post on the blog.

    Wednesday, 1 February 2012

    My (Ananya's) Top 5 Favourite Fashion Accessories Of The Moment

              So today, I was really in a mood for doing something a little more different than usual. I really wanted to post a blog related to fashion and that is why I decided to share my top 5 favorite fashion accessories with you! I really hope you enjoy this blog post and thanks for reading!

    • Zara Olive Green With Blue Shimmer Infinity Scarf: This is definitely my favorite scarf from my entire scarf collection. It looks sooooo much prettier in real life than the picture because it has more blue shimmer in it when you actually see it. If I had to compare this with a nail polish, I would say that this is in the same colour family as Chanel Peridot nail polish is.

    Monday, 30 January 2012

    10 Ways: Vaseline

              Vaseline is definitely one of my favorite products which is available almost anywhere. It may just look like clear, sticky petroleum jelly, but it hydrating skin is not all that it does. So that is why I (Ananya) rounded up my top 10 ways to use this absolutely fantastic product.

    1) Use it as a base on your lashes before applying waterproof mascara: Waterproof mascara can be very, very harmful for your lashes and can be very drying as well. That is why, applying a thin layer of Vaseline can keep your lashes hydrated, but it still allows the waterproof mascara to last as long as it usually does.

    2) Use it as a substitute for mascara: Sometimes, wearing mascara can be a little bit of a pain, and removing it is even more irritating. So, wearing a bit of vaseline on your lashes will provide some length and you don't even have to remove it from your lashes with an oil based makeup remover. But please, do not expect it to lengthen your lashes as well as your regular mascara would. I would recommend this only for the days you would like a tiny bit of length and not to much on your lashes.

    3) Use it during the night to condition your lashes: If your lashes are too dry from applying mascara or you don't have time to apply a thin layer of Vaseline before applying mascara, applying Vaseline on your lashes during the nights will be of great help. I have also found that the next morning, a tiny bit more length is seen on my lashes.

    4) Use it to deeply hydrate and condition any dry patches on your skin: This is what Vaseline is meant to do, hydrate your skin. This really locks in a lot of moisture in dry areas of your skin. I would personally recommend applying this onto your skin at night, because during the day time, when you are at school, college or work, dirt seems to stick to it very easily, which I'm pretty sure you would not like at all.

    5) Use it to add shine to dry and dull hair: Vaseline provides a nice amount of shine for your hair on those days when your hair is dull and dry. It puts enough shine onto the hair without feeling or looking greasy (make sure you only apply a bit of product and not a lot on your hair). And relax, this is perfectly safe on the hair, and even if your worried, I'm pretty sure you will wash your hair later.

    6) Use it to make your own lipgloss or use it as a lip balm: Definitely, one of my favorite ways to use Vaseline. If you mix a little bit of any loose eyeshadow or pigment or even loose powder blush with Vaseline, it makes a really good lipgloss. you can add more shine with more Vaseline or more pigmentation with more loose eyeshadow or blush or pigment.

    7) Use it on your eyelids as a sticky base for pigments or glitters: Vaseline can be a great base for pigments or glitters because of its sticky texture. It also prevents fall-out and keeps the product on your eyelids for the entire day.

    8) Use it on the cheekbones to highlight: So here is a fun fact: Marilyn Monroe actually used Vaseline on her entire face before applying makeup because she thought that hydration and glow-yness was youth. So that is why I thought that this would be a more Marilyn Monroe inspired tip. You might not want to use it on your entire face, but using it on your cheekbones really helps to highlight and looks much more natural than shimmery highlighters do.

    9) Use it to hydrate cuticles: If you are a heavy nail polish wearer, you probably have dry cuticles. Applying a little Vaseline on your cuticles will keep them hydrated and Vaseline is way easier to use than cuticle oil.

    10) Use it as a brow gel: Vaseline can work as a great brow setting gel. It keeps them looking the same way all day, without any stray hairs popping out form no where.

    Friday, 27 January 2012

    My Makeup Story Tag!!!

    I absolutely loved the whole idea for this tag, so I decided to answer the questions of this tag today.

    1) How old were you when you started wearing makeup?
    Ans: This definitely wasn't a long time ago. About two or three years ago, when I was 11 or 12 years of age.

    2) How did you get into makeup?
    Ans: When I was 11 or 12 years old, my family decided to go to a trip to Hyderabad. My mom and I had to spend a day shopping, so we did. We happened to enter the only mall in Hyderabad that had a MAC Store in it. Even though I didn't actually buy anything from the store, I definitely sensed a feeling of LOVE for  all that makeup I saw. When I came back home to Bombay, I noticed that there was a MAC Store in my favourite mall as well. I was really excited and I ended up buying a lipgloss and eyeshadow from the store. One of the people who worked there told me that the MAC Venomous Villains Collection was coming out which was a collection inspired by Disney villains from various Disney cartoon, princess-y films. I got so excited and I ended up buying NINE products from the collection. I was mostly into lip glosses before I bumped into MAC, but now, my favorite "type" of makeup is blushes.

    3) What are some of your favorite makeup brands?
    Ans: Without any second thoughts, MAC, Revlon, Loreal and Maybelline. And I also love Urban Decay for eye products and NARS for face products.

    4) What does Makeup mean to you?
    Ans: Makeup is definitely a way to cover up your flaws on the outside and to make yourself feel better on the inside. I also find it to be a great way to show off your creativity. Although I admit that makeup being your LIFE is probably crossing the line a little bit, but a little bit of makeup everyday is no harm at all.

    5) If you could wear only four products on your face, what would they be?
    Ans: BLUSHHHHHHH!!!!, eyeshadow, highlighter (MAC Cream Colour base in Pearl to be exact) and semi-sheer, semi-opaque creamy, shiny, hydrating lipsticks.

    6) What do you think about makeup?
    Ans: I LOOOVVVEEE makeup. As I mentioned earlier, its a great way to show off your creative side, without having to go overboard.

    7) What do you think about drugstore vs. high end makeup?
    Ans: Even though I absolutely LOOOOOVE high end brands such as NARS, MAC, Urban Decay and Benefit, I have been gravitating a lot more towards drugstore makeup because of all the new products they are coming out with like the Maybelline 24 Hour Color Tattoo Eyeshadows, which are supposed to be exactly like MAC Paint Pots and Revlon Colorburst Lip Butters. I can't wait for these products to come out in India!!! 

    8) What is one tip of advice you would give to a beginner?
    Ans: If you are getting into makeup, it isn't the only thing you should think about, because skincare matters a lot too. You need to protect your skin to prevent breakouts as some makeup products can be harmful to your skin. Also, don't be too heavy handed with your makeup and watch a few youtube beauty videos to learn how to choose the correct makeup products and makeup brushes for you.

    9) What is one makeup trend you never understood?
    Ans: This probably isn't a trend anymore, but it certainly was a trend during the 1990s and early, early 2000's, but it was to make your lipliner darker than your actual lipstick or gloss. So creepy!!!!!

    10) What do you think about the beauty community on Blogger/Youtube?
    Ans: As long as the beauty gurus are honest, yes I absolutely love it. In fact, I learnt all about makeup and how to apply it only because of the beauty community on the Internet. Some of my favourite youtube beauty gurus are emilynoel83 (aka Emily Eddington or Beauty Broadcast) and amarixe (aka Allison). Some of my favourite beauty gurus who blog are temptalia (aka Christine) and makeup and beauty blog (aka Karen).

    11) Who are your style icons?
    And:(I changed the question a bit since I have many style icons) Ever since my mom introduced me to her, I really have been loving Audrey Hepburn's style. As for people who are still alive, I really like the Olsen twins, Zoe Saldana, Jennifer Aniston and for Indian actresses, without a doubt, Sonam Kapoor. 

    Tuesday, 24 January 2012

    Ananya's Review: MAC Studio Finish Concealer SPF 35

    Left Eye: No Concealer; Right Eye: With MAC Studio Finish Concealer

              So today I have yet another review featuring the MAC Studio Finish Concealer. Just incase you wanted to know, I have been using this concealer for about one and a half months. This concealer had gotten sooooo many good reviews, that I just had to try it. This is the only product that I have been using on my face for actual coverage because I have normal skin with only minor blemishes. 
              This concealer is a somewhat semi-creamy formula, which I like, since it isn't too creamy that it just wears off during the day and at the same time it isn't too, well, not creamy that it becomes super difficult to blend into the eyes. Just incase if you wanted to know, this is the shade NC42. Before I started using this concealer, I really thought that I had no dark circles or puffiness underneath my eyes, but after I used it, I was surprised to see how much more lifted and brightened my eyes looked. It also stays on for pretty much the entire day because of its amazing consistency. And even thought I don't actually have any active breakouts or discolouration on my face, I still think it would work great to cover that up too. It does crease a tiny, tiny bit underneath the eyes after about six to six and a half hours of wear, but the creases are hardly noticeable.
             Besides the coverage, this product works as a great base for your eyeshadows too. It really does make your less pigmented eyeshadows pop a lot more and also keeps them looking bright for the entire day. It isn't too sticky as well, but sometimes, with a heavy hand, it can feel a tiny bit uncomfortable. As far as the SPF 35 goes, I really don't care much for that since I already have sunscreen to do that job for me.
              PRICE: Rs. 920 or $17
              AVAILABLE AT: Any MAC Stores near you
              OVERALL GRADE: A

    Monday, 16 January 2012

    Daily Photos (Ananya)

              Just for the sake of the blog and daily photos, I cut up some paper into little hearts. I thought it looked cute, so I posted it!!! Its really random, but I still really like the way the picture turned out :)

    Friday, 13 January 2012

    Daily Photos (Ananya)

              So this post does't actually look like a 'Daily Photos' and looks more like a 'Nails Of The Week'. But since this not on my nails for the week and because I took this picture in May of 2011, I decided to post this picture as a 'Daily Photos' post. I think this picture turned out really awesome and I really wanted to post it. Oh and just incase if you're wondering, the nail polish that was on my fingernails was Essie's Lilacism. Its a super, super pretty try lilac shade which I love!!!

    Wednesday, 11 January 2012

    Ananya's Everyday Skincare Routine

     The Body Shop Vitamin E Gentle Facial Wash
     Neutrogena Multi-Defence Daily Moisturiser
     Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Body Moisturizer
     The Body Shop Body Butter Duo
    MAC Gently-Off Eye and Lip Makeup Remover and
    Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes Night Calm

              So I was really in a mood of doing a different blog post today. So I decided that I would do my everyday skincare routine not only because I wanted to do a different blog, but also because I really wanted to show the skincare products I use from a day to day basis. As I didn't have too many products which I use on my face, I decided to show you guys the products that I use for my entire body. SO LET US START ALREADY!!!

    1) The Body Shop Vitamin E Gentle Facial Wash: I use this face wash for day and night. I really like this face wash because it is oh so gentle on the face, which is pretty self-explanatory considering that the name of this face wash is Vitamin E GENTLE Facial Wash. It is the only face wash that has affected my skin in a good way and I love it so much, that I have actually gone through two previous bottles before this bottle in less than 6 months. Before I started using this, I actually did start getting signs of acne on my face. But now the acne is all cleared out and this is the only product I give all the credit to. I also love how it doesn't suck out all the moisture from my face and leaves behind a bit of moisture.

    2) Neutrogena Multi-Defence Daily Moisturiser: I love this moisturizer because not only is it a face moisturiser, but it also has an SPF 15 and UVA+UVB Protection in it, which makes it perfect for day time use. I love how it feels on my skin and doesn't leave my skin looking paler like most sunscreens do. It does have that typical sunscreen scent, but I have gotten used to it.

    3) Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Body Moisturizer: I use this moisturizer for my entire body during the day time. I like this moisturiser because, for me, it is kinda like two-thirds cream and one-third gel. The formula of this moisturizer is great and it also has a gorgeous scent that kinda smells like men's deodorant (which BTW is not too strong at all). The only two things I don't like about this is that it doesn't have any SPF to it and it also comes in a squeeze bottle rather than the bottles that come with that dispenser-y thing (I have no idea what those things are called but its those things that are attached to the liquid hand wash bottles to control how much product you want... you know what I'm talking about, right?) which makes it very difficult to control how much product you want.

    4) The Body Shop Body Butter Duo: I use this product as a night cream for my entire body. Go check out the review to read more about this product: Click Here!!!

    5) MAC Gently-Off Eye and Lip Makeup Remover and Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes Night Calm: These are the products that I use for removing my makeup. I don't use both of them together but I use each of them every other day. I have been using the Neutrogena one a little bit more since it makes removing makeup much easier. After I use any one of these makeup removers on my face, I wash my face with my face wash. 

    Tuesday, 10 January 2012

    Ananya's Review: Revlon Colourburst Lipsticks

                                                (from left to right) Soft Nude, Rosy Nude, Fuchsia 
                                                Swatches(from left to right) Soft Nude, Rosy Nude, Fuchsia

              So today I'm going to be giving a review on one of my absolute favorite lipstick brands, and that is the Revlon Colourburst Lipsticks. The first thing that I noticed about these lipsticks was their cute checkered design. When I first discovered Revlon I saw these and really thought they were going to be superbly expensive. But luckily, they are not!!! The Revlon lipsticks come in a variety of shades but the ones that I own are Soft Nude, Rosy Nude and Fuchsia. Soft Nude, which is definitely the most popular lipstick from this line of lipstick, is a clean nude with an apricot-y undertone to it. The slight orange tones makes this one of the only nude colours that works on my tanned skin. Rosy Nude, which is my favorite out of the three, is a very wearable, dusty mauve, rose kinda colour. And Fuchsia is an absolutely gorgeous bright hot pink, which surprisingly, is very wearable as compared to any other bright fuchsia there is.
              These lipsticks are creamy and as I like to describe it, one-third sheer and two-thirds pigmented and that, according to me, is the perfect pigmentation I like to have in my lipsticks. Oh, one more thing before I forget is that I love how the packaging has a little colour swatch on the top of the lipstick, which is similar to the actual colour of the lipstick itself. I find that very appropriate for people who have a huge collection of lipsticks and like to stack their lipsticks standing up.
              PRICE: Rs. 550 or $5 
              AVAILABLE AT: Any close by makeup department store
              OVERALL GRADE: A

    Monday, 9 January 2012

    Ananya's Review: MAC Paint Pots

                                         MAC Paint Pots (left to right) Rubenesque and Indianwood
                                    MAC Paint Pot swatches (left to right) Rubenesque and Indianwood

              This product, if you haven't already noticed, are the famous MAC Paint Pots. The MAC Paint Pots are some of the most popular cream eyeshadows available in the market today. The MAC Paint Pots are basically supposed to be a cream eyeshadow that is very long wearing which you can either wear alone or below another eyeshadow. I personally, love these and I use them everyday when I do my eye makeup.
              From my experience, the MAC Paint Pots are decently pigmented and very long lasting. I remember this one time when I got my first Paint Pot and swatched it on my hand. For the next one and a half days, it wasn't coming off even with all the soap and water I used. Now don't get scared, even though this product is almost impossible to remove with soap and water, you can easily get it off with ANY eye makeup remover. The MAC Paint Pots have the ability to last a good 10 to 12 hours after applying. One thing that I absolutely love about these is that they can either be applied as a sheer wash on the lid with minimum product on the eyes or can be builded up with a lot of product. I have seen people using this product as a primer and personally I use it as an eye primer too, but I don't think that it has the ability to smoothen out all the tiny creases in your eye out like, say, an Urban Decay Primer Potion or Too Faced Shadow insurance would. Also, while working with this product, you have got to be FAST! If you just like to take your time blending eyeshadows into place, you probably won't be able to work with this, because after it sets, it won't move at all. It sets in about 30 to 35 seconds and in 40 seconds it sets completely.
              Overall, I think this product is great for the average working woman who doesn't have time to do her makeup properly every day. Infact, the faster you work with this product the better. And also its great for a fast, pretty, neutral sheen on your eyes, and a little bit of mascara and liner to top this off would be absolutely fantastic.
              PRICE: Rs.1100 or $17.50
              AVAILABLE AT: Any MAC store or counter near you
              OVERALL GRADE: A

    Saturday, 7 January 2012

    Ananya's Face Of The Day: 7th January 2012

    So I haven't really been putting up FOTDs, so I decided to post one up today!

    Eyes: MAC Studio Finish Concealer in NC42 as a primer, MAC Rubenesque Paint Pot as a base, MAC Outré from the MAC Me Over! Collection on the crease, MAC Woodwinked eyeshadow on the lid, MAC Centre Stage Mega Metal eyeshadow from the MAC Peacocky Collection on the lower lash line and outer corner of the lid, MAC Moleskin from the MAC Me Over! Collection to blend Centre Stage eyeshadow toward the crease, MAC Ricepaper on the brow bone and inner corner, Estee Lauder Sumptuous mascara on the lower lashes only.

    Face: MAC Cream Colour Base in Pearl as on the cheekbones, MAC Gingerly blush on the apples of the cheeks, MAC Studio Finish Concealer to cover any discoloration on the face.

    Lips: Estee Lauder lipgloss in Orchid Passion (My favourite lipgloss in the whole wide world!!!)

    Wednesday, 4 January 2012

    Ananya's Review: The Body Shop Body Butter Duo

              Body Shop's Body Butter Duo is a fairly new product in India which probably came out a few months ago. The Body Shop's Body Butters are already fantastic, but after this product came out, now their body butters are absolutely unbeatable. I have had this product for about a week or so now and I have been testing it on my skin for about six or five days in total. Just incase if you guys want to know, I prefer wearing this product at night. This is definitely the coolest body moisturizer I have ever seen, since the product is split into two halves. One half is the regular (and amazing!) body butter that you can buy by itself individually and the other half is a thicker and has a more balm-y texture to it, kinda like a lip balm but for your entire body. The thinner body butter texture, which BTW is thick anyway, is supposed to be used for the entire body and I personally find it very moisturizing for the skin. The thicker body butter is supposed to be used for the parts of your body that get dried up the most, like your elbows, knee caps, etc. This product works EXTREMELY well for clearing out the chapped, stone dry parts of your body and the moisture in the skin lasts very, very long.
              Even thought this product works absolutely fabulous and has a lovely scent to it (I have the scent Floral Acai, but there are more scents to choose from), I think this product is suitable for dry to normal-dry to normal skin types. If you have oily skin, I would probably not suggest this since it is very, very, very moisturizing. It would probably make your skin a little too oily and shiny.
              PRICE: Rs. 845, $15
              AVAILABLE AT: Any near The Body Shop stores
              OVERALL GRADE: A