Saturday, 24 December 2011

The Naughty or Nice Beauty Tag for Christmas!

          So its going to be Christmas in, like, five hours and I really wanted to post something Christmas related to post up on the blog. Hence, I decided to do the naughty or nice tag, which sounded super Christmas-y to me. So in this tag, you basically have to choose five of your worst makeup items (or "naughty" items) and five of your best makeup items (or "nice" items). So, here they are:
The Naughty List:
1)Body Shop Nature's Minerals Loose Powder Foundation SPF 25: OMG! I hate this SOOO much. The lady at the store told me that not only does this give good coverage, but it also leaves an SPF behind. So I tried by itself and the first thing that I noticed was it wasn't fine particles like a good powder product, it was all clumpy and gross. It doesn't give any coverage at all and it leaves my skin looking powdery and dry. The mouth of the container of the packaging is so small, that whichever brush I dip into gets a tonne of product clumped on the top of it. Overall, a very naughty product.

2)YSL Mascara Volume: Luckily, I received this product as a sample and didn't buy it. This mascara has a decent wand, but doesn't work on the lashes whatsoever. It has a desert dry formula which doesn't affect the lashes in any way. Basically, the lashes end up being exactly the same as they were before any mascara at all.
3)NYC Waterproof Eyeliner Pencil in Black: When I bought this product, I expected to be much, much better than it is. The liner doesn't show up black at all and it is very difficult to apply on the waterline because of its lack in that semi-creamy texture. I expected it to at least stay on my water line for three hours, and it stayed on for about half an hour.
4)MAC Viva Glam Gaga 2 Lip Products: So I know that there are two products in this part, but I had to mention both (yeah, I just totally cheated). The pigmentation of these products are amazing, but the colour just does not work for me. The colour is just not right, and makes my lips look totally dead. Its a nude shade, but doesn't have any pink to it to make it more wearable, which sucks. The lipgloss, like most MAC lipglosses, is super sticky and feels uncomfortable. If I really had to use it, I would probably use it as a lip eraser or concealer or something.
5)MAC Palace Pedigreed Eyeshadow from Palace Pedigreed Eyeshadow Palette: This eyeshadow came out in the Palace Pedigreed eyeshadow quad in the Fabulous Felines collection that came out in 2010. All the eyeshadow in that palette pretty much sucked, but Palace Pedigreed eyeshadow in that quad was definitely the worst. It lacks pigmentation, texture and pretty much anything that a basic eyeshadow has.

The Nice List:
1)Urban Decay Naked Palette: Already mentioned in my review of this palette-best palette ever. Check out the review to see why I like it so much. Don't wanna get into details right now.
2)Nars Orgasm Blush: One of my favourite blushes in my collection. Again, check out the review I have written about this blush to see why I like it so much.
3)MAC Gingerly Blush: Super pretty, everyday, neutral, light, warm, ginger colour. I wear this almost every single day (I'm wearing it today) and I love how it shows up on the cheeks. It is a sheertone finish, so it doesn't pack on a lot of colour on the cheeks to make you look creepy. Suits pretty much every single skin tone there is.
4)MAC Woodwinked Eyeshadow: Amazingly gorgeous, pigmented eyeshadow. It has a kind of vintage gold colour which again is very suitable for everyday wear. Again, I am wearing it today and I absolutely love it to death. You should definitely have it in your collection
5)Loreal Nutri-Shine Lipstick in Rose Guava: A very pretty everyday shade that has a kind of a dusty pink colour to it with slight pieces of multi-coloured shimmer. It is a very shiny and moisturizing shade as well and Mehek absolutely loves it. BTW don't be afraid when I use the term "multi-coloured shimmer" because that shimmer hardly shows on the lips. The ones that do show just gives your everyday lips a little bit of fun.

So that is the blog for now. And before I leave, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!! :)

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