Monday, 9 January 2012

Ananya's Review: MAC Paint Pots

                                     MAC Paint Pots (left to right) Rubenesque and Indianwood
                                MAC Paint Pot swatches (left to right) Rubenesque and Indianwood

          This product, if you haven't already noticed, are the famous MAC Paint Pots. The MAC Paint Pots are some of the most popular cream eyeshadows available in the market today. The MAC Paint Pots are basically supposed to be a cream eyeshadow that is very long wearing which you can either wear alone or below another eyeshadow. I personally, love these and I use them everyday when I do my eye makeup.
          From my experience, the MAC Paint Pots are decently pigmented and very long lasting. I remember this one time when I got my first Paint Pot and swatched it on my hand. For the next one and a half days, it wasn't coming off even with all the soap and water I used. Now don't get scared, even though this product is almost impossible to remove with soap and water, you can easily get it off with ANY eye makeup remover. The MAC Paint Pots have the ability to last a good 10 to 12 hours after applying. One thing that I absolutely love about these is that they can either be applied as a sheer wash on the lid with minimum product on the eyes or can be builded up with a lot of product. I have seen people using this product as a primer and personally I use it as an eye primer too, but I don't think that it has the ability to smoothen out all the tiny creases in your eye out like, say, an Urban Decay Primer Potion or Too Faced Shadow insurance would. Also, while working with this product, you have got to be FAST! If you just like to take your time blending eyeshadows into place, you probably won't be able to work with this, because after it sets, it won't move at all. It sets in about 30 to 35 seconds and in 40 seconds it sets completely.
          Overall, I think this product is great for the average working woman who doesn't have time to do her makeup properly every day. Infact, the faster you work with this product the better. And also its great for a fast, pretty, neutral sheen on your eyes, and a little bit of mascara and liner to top this off would be absolutely fantastic.
          PRICE: Rs.1100 or $17.50
          AVAILABLE AT: Any MAC store or counter near you
          OVERALL GRADE: A

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