Thursday, 9 February 2012

Ananya's Hair Routine

          Sooooooooo, I really wanted to write this blog today because I have been ABSOLUTELY LOVING my hair routine lately. I used to use only shampoo and a leave in conditioner after I dried my hair.  I didn't really get why people had so many products in their hair routines. But then I realized that just shampoo was making my hair too dry and even frizzier than it was and the leave in conditioner helped a little, but I hardly saw any actual results. I started using more products for my hair which were actually meant for my hair type and now I get why people use more than two products in their hair routine. 
          Just incase you wanted to know, I have dry, frizzy hair and if I don't wash it again within four days my hair becomes SUPER greasy. I have naturally thick hair and have medium length hair (not too short, not too long).

  • Herbal Essences Break's Over Shampoo: My mom has hired a lady who massages my head every Sundays (PS: I HATE MASSAGES!) and when she does massage my head, I find that she puts way too much oil. Its so much of oil that my regular Pantene Shampoo (see picture below), which is the only shampoo I use on days when I don't have oil on my head, can't even remove all the oil in SIX, FREAKING WASHES! The Herbal Essences Shampoos can be a little bit drying on my hair if I use it alone, which makes it perfect to wash all the oil in a mere two washes which is definitely much better. 

  • Pantene Shampoo for Long and Black Hair: I absolutely LOVE this shampoo and it works wonders for my hair. It makes my hair feel clean but it doesn't leave it dry or frizzy at all but in fact, it leaves it smooth and shiny. It also has a great scent. I would really recommend it for people who have dry (preferably black) hair.

  •  John Frieda Frizz-Ease Curl Around Daily Conditioner: This conditioner is absolutely perfect for my hair type. It seriously does de-frizz my hair and leaves it feeling really soft, shiny and hydrated. I don't use this in my roots because it can make my hair too greasy and oily, so I only use it on the tips of my hair.

  •  Schwarzkopf BC Bonacure Hairtherapy Amino Cell Rebuild Moisture Kick Spray Conditioner: I just found out how long the name of this product is. I really love this and I use this before I blow dry my hair. It really helps to detangle my hair and add a little bit more moisture and shininess. 

  •  Toni & Guy Tame-It Serum: I LOVE this product. I use it after I blow dry my hair and it works amazingly. This is also meant for frizzy hair so its perfect for taming stray and baby hairs which are just flying around. It also has a lovely scent that my mom loves too. 

  •  Moroccan Oil: This product I use the day after I wash my hair. It just helps maintain the moisture in my hair and gives some shininess and keeps it really smooth. It really is a great product.

          So that wraps up this blog post for today. I love these products and my hair has become much more manageable the day I started using these products. Thanks for reading!

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