Thursday, 16 February 2012

What's in Ananya's Makeup Bag?

          Today, I'm gonna be talking about the various beauty products that I keep in my makeup bag. Just incase you wanted to know, this is the makeup bag I carry around with me in my bag (or purse) and this is not the makeup bag I carry while I'm traveling. I got this bag in a duty free shopping place thingy, where I found five Estee Lauder mini perfumes which came with a beautiful shiny black bag, with a gorgeous golden zipper that has 'Estee Lauder' engraved on it. 

           I also really like the bag because it has a harder material on the bottom of the bag, as shown below, to make sure that it stands up and doesn't fall down and spread your products all over the place, unlike what some makeup bags do.

          YSL Blush in 15: I really adore this blush. If you see below, the colours are split into two. One of the two colours is a matte, neutral pink and the other is a satin finished, light, warm, peachy-pink. Its a little sheer, which is good, so you don't have to worry about being heavy handed with the product or you looking like you have clown cheeks.

          YSL Matt Touch Compact Foundation: Just incase if you're wondering, I didn't spell the word 'matte' wrong in the name, because that's just how its on the packaging, but anyhow, this powder is very similar to the MAC Studio Fix Powder which I love, except its a tiny size which has as much product as a MAC eyeshadow and its perfect for touch ups on my face.

          Chanel Eyelash Curler: I really like this eyelash curler, and since I can't wear too much mascara, (because I wear glasses and even when my lashes are bare, they still hit the back of the lenses, let alone with mascara) I always tend to curl my lashes, because it makes my lashes appear longer and thicker after curling and opens my eyes up instantly. The eyelash curler also looks really sexy (yes, that IS coming from a 14 year old)

          Iqqu Beauty Retractable Red Kabuki Brush: This might be one of the cutest brushes I own. This brush came with five other travel brushes in a travel brush pouch from the Iqqu Beauty Website. If you would like to buy it (they ship worldwide, yay!) CLICK HERE!!! This brush is perfect for applying blush by keeping the brush closed, and you can also open the brush to apply powder to cover larger areas of your face. Its also super soft and has a vibrant red colour on the hairs, if you already didn't notice.

          Hello Kitty Eyeliner in Goodnight Dreams: This eyeliner came with six other different travel sized eyeliners in the Hello Kitty Charrmy(again, thats how its spelled on the packaging)  Kohl Eyeliner Kit, which you can only find in Sephora stores. This liner is a great eyeliner with lots of rich black colour and its smaller size makes it perfect to travel with.

          L.L. Bean Blueberry Lip Balm: Regular lip balm that I found in a clothing store in U.S.A. It works okay. So, yeah.

          Lanvin Paris Silky Body Lotion: These are one of those sample size body lotions that they give away for free on the airplanes. But this one is actually really good and smells amazing, almost like cologne. Its a small bottle which makes it much easier to carry around.

          Estee Lauder Pleasures Perfume: This was actually one of the five perfumes that came with the Estee Lauder bag. Its a gorgeous day time scent, and its super tiny, which makes it easy as hell to carry around. If I'm carrying my makeup bag for dinner parties or any formal event, I switch this perfume for Estee Lauder Pleasures Intense, which is a little bit more, well, intense than the original (which also came as a sample size along with the bag)

          Vichy Aqaulia Thermal Eye Roll-On: I really like this product for de-puffing my eyes and giving a cool sensation underneath my eyes which wakes me up instantly. Its small, so its easy to carry around, too.

          L'Occitane Green Tea Solid Perfume: This one of the best scents I have ever smelled and is extremely fresh and bright. Its really teeny, but comes with a LOT of product. I rub a little bit of this on my wrists when I want or need to.

          Johnson's Cotton Buds: I carry three of these inside my makeup bag, and these small things works wonders. I use it to remove smudged eyeliner, smudged lipgloss or in that case, smudged anything.

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