Wednesday, 1 February 2012

My (Ananya's) Top 5 Favourite Fashion Accessories Of The Moment

          So today, I was really in a mood for doing something a little more different than usual. I really wanted to post a blog related to fashion and that is why I decided to share my top 5 favorite fashion accessories with you! I really hope you enjoy this blog post and thanks for reading!

  • Zara Olive Green With Blue Shimmer Infinity Scarf: This is definitely my favorite scarf from my entire scarf collection. It looks sooooo much prettier in real life than the picture because it has more blue shimmer in it when you actually see it. If I had to compare this with a nail polish, I would say that this is in the same colour family as Chanel Peridot nail polish is.

  • Colourful Circle Beads Necklace With Purple-Blue Duo-Chrome Sequins: I bought this necklace a long time ago (about 4 or 5 years ago) and it still remains a favorite. I can't recollect where I bought this, but its super gorgeous and that is pretty much all that matters.

  • Accessorize Jewel Tones, Colourful Pendant: So I don't really know how to describe this pendant and when I tried searching for the names of this pendant on the Accessorize website, I couldn't. But the pendant is sooooooo beautiful and difficult to describe. I can't call it a duo chrome because it has way more than two colours in it. Its absolutely fantastic and definitely a must-have for me!

  • Accessorize Baby Pink Keepsake Treasure Pendant: This is definitely one of the cutest pieces of costume jewelry I own. I love how it has tiny rhinestones, and it actually opens up like a treasure and closes back because of a magnet. 

  • Floral, Amethyst Pendant: I really like this pendant because first of all, its GORGEOUS, second, its purple (my favourite colour) and third is that the pendant is made of real amethyst, which is my birthstone. I absolutely love it and once again, I don't know the actual company of this product, but it sure is pretty!

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