Sunday, 5 February 2012

Haul: MAC Glitter and Ice Collection

          So the newest collection released in MAC Stores in India is the holiday collection called Glitter and Ice (which came out in American MAC Stores 2 to 3 months ago!). Its a pretty big collection, and like all holiday collections, it has the eyeshadow sets, lipgloss sets and whatnot. I ended up buying four products which I decided to post on the blog.

          I picked up two out of the three Paint Pots. Just incase you wanted to know, this is how the cardboard packaging of all the Paint Pots looks like:

          The first Paint Pot I picked up is called Morning Frost which is a frosty taupe shade.

          I also got the Paint Pot in Let's Skate! which is a pastel, pale, baby pink with gold, silver and slight pink shimmers as well.

 From left to right: MAC Paint Pots in Morning Frost and Let's Skate!

          I also picked up one of the six Mineralize Eyeshadows in Snow Season. 

          Snow Season is a beige-y, golden, champagne shade with a tiny bit of peach showing through. It has slight bits of a warm red and an icy blue, gunmetal shade going through which doesn't really affect the actual swatch shown. Although, the one that you may buy can and probably will be different than my swatch, because it will have more or less veining of the different colours in the eyshadow than what my eyeshadow has.

Swatch of MAC Mineralize Eyeshadow in Snow Season

          And, finally, the last product I picked up was one of the six Dazzleglasses in Spanking Rich. 

          Spanking Rich is a fuchsia-berry with hot pink and golden shimmers. It has a gorgeous duo-chrome effect in the bottle.

Swatch of MAC Dazzleglass in Spanking Rich

          So that wraps up this collection for me. Be sure to check out my FOTD that I will posting using all these makeup products on my face.

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