Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Sephora Wishlist!!!

          In a few months time, some really close relatives are going to be traveling from U.S.A. to spend their summers in India. Obviously, I have to take advantage and have made a long wish list with all the makeup products I really want. Here are some of the products I really want from Sephora:

  • Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette: I have already tried the Urban Decay Naked Palette Original and I absolutely love everything about it. I have heard great reviews about this product and I really think the colours are absolutely beautiful. It also seems to have a lot of taupe eyeshadows which is one of my absolute favourite makeup colours.

  • Tarte Amazonian Clay Blushes in Glisten and Exposed: These blushes are constantly being mentioned on various beauty videos and blogs and the reviews are NEVER bad. Tarte is doing great with they're "Amazonian Clay" line which not only include blushes, but also foundation, eye products, etc. I already own one of these Tarte Amazonian Clay blushes in Blissful which is one of my favorite blushes ever. Glisten is kind of a softer, more wearable version of Blissful with a gorgeous sheen to it and Exposed is a gorgeous, matte, neutral brown-pink

  • Benefit Hervana Blush: Benefit has several box powders which do get a lot of hype, but this particular blush, which is their latest blush, is supposed to be amazing. It is matte, unlike their usual blushes and has a swirl of four shades. I already own two blushes from they're box powder line, Coralista and Bella Bamba, which I love. The packaging is also something I really am into right now.

  •  Benefit They're Real! Mascara: I am already loving this mascara. It has an amazing wand, which has bristles even on the tip of the brush. It has received great reviews and I cannot wait to get my hands on it.

  •  Jennifer Aniston Eau de Parfum Spray: I don't know how many people know this, but I am severely allergic to fine fragrances, but I still wear them anyway. But this perfume, which has also gotten a lot of hype on the internet like all the other products I mentioned, is supposed to be a lot more subtle than what fine fragrances usually are, and it also smells great. I really don't have a problem with the scent of any perfume I have ever smelled in my entire life and I'm sure I won't have any problems with this one. But if this really is subtle, it would make my day. 

  • Makeup Forever Aqua Cream Eyeshadow in 13 Warm Beige: AGAIN, great reviews,blah, blah, blah. This shade was super pretty and I thought it would make a great everyday neutral eye, so, yeah.

  • Lorac Perfectly Lit Oil Free Luminizing Powder in Spotlight: Do I really need to talk about how every product gets great reviews? Anyway, the shade of the actual powder is perfect and I know I will love this. Its oil-free too which is great for people who already have oily skin, but still want to create a pretty sheen on their cheekbones.

  • Nars Blush in Dolce Vita: This seems like the most perfect colour for my skin tone. Its a light plumy-pink with a slight shimmer and I just have this feeling that it will become my everyday blush after I get my hands on it. I already have the ever-so-famous Nars Orgasm Blush which I love and I really loved the quality and pigmentation of it. Hopefully this blush would be as good, if not, better than Nars Orgasm.

  • Nars Eyshadow Duo in Bellissima or Portobello : I really am confused between the two duos and I'm really not sure which one to pick. They both have two beautiful colours. I'm so confused. Eh, might as well just get both ;)

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